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Idea Stormers

Idea Stormers: How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs (September 2012)

by Bryan Mattimore

In his new book, Idea Stormers, innovation expert Bryan Mattimore presents a diverse selection of easy-to-learn, empirically validated idea-generating techniques. Idea Stormers is an indispensable and entertaining guide to developing original, practical solutions—not to mention true breakthroughs—for even the most intractable-seeming business challenges.

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Bryan Mattimore and Gary Fraser, Growth Engine Co-founders, have been speaking and facilitating workshops on innovation and creativity for over 30 years. Let them customize a talk on business ideation, creative problem solving, and/or innovation process for your specific audience or event.

Current talks include:


Managing by Imagining

Interactive presentation focused on ideation techniques for helping teams be more imaginative problem solvers (i.e. Opportunity Redefinition, Wishing, Sacred Cow, Questioning Assumptions, Positioning Continuums, Mindmapping, Triggered Brainwalking, etc.)


Creating a Total Innovation Enterprise

Ten principles and practices for creating a successful, company-wide innovation program.


The Ideator’s Quest, A Mythic Journey from Imagination to Innovation

Learn how to use the hero's mindset to become the leader of successful innovation initiatives!



Creativity Skills, Tips & Techniques for CTOs

by Bryan Mattimore.

Learn to boost creativity through tips and techniques designed to help foster innovation, solve problems, and maximize ROI to be more effective and successful. Enter code 'Mattimore50' for a 50% discount.

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Other Books

99% Inspiration

99% Inspiration: Tips, Tales & Techniques for Liberating Your Business Creativity

by Bryan Mattimore

This useful book provides both an introduction to creativity from a theoretical perspective as well as well as direction on how to put theory into practice. Focused on generating new ideas in the workplace, 99% Inspiration contains creativity techniques that can be easily reproduced by any reader who wants to lead an ideation or brainstorming session.

$17.95 plus shipping and handling

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Bright Ideas: The Game of Inventing

Bright Ideas: The Game of Inventing

Invented by Bryan Mattimore

Can you guess whether your opponent has an actual, patented invention from the US Patent office or if they are making up a "Bright Idea"? A game designed to help people practice creative thinking, Bright Ideas gives players helpful prompts to assist them in thinking up unusual product inventions. Then other players try to guess which are real inventions and which are "bright ideas" created by the players. Get points for creativity that fools the crowd or for seeing through the fakes!

$75.00 plus shipping and handling

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